Glamorous July

Gemma, of RetroChick fame, is starting a blogging challenge called Glamorous July. I really like this as an idea, as there only seems to be gloom on the news at the moment, in the UK and abroad. The divisions we feel are becoming clearer, but we can all do our own little bit to spread a bit of happiness.

The first thing to understand about this challenge is that Glamour doesn’t mean wearing a ballgown everyday, or making sure your nails are perfect or your eyebrows on fleek (as I believe the kids say). Glamour is about finding the best in everything. Read more about Gemma’s view of glamour here:

So I’ve decided to give it a go.

Some of them might happen in a different order, or I’ll do my own spin on things. I’ll hopefully remember to follow it through 🙂

You can follow my progress (or lack of it) on Instagram at PearlsCurlsandLipstick and using the hashtag #glamorousjuly

Miss Bea x

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