Glamorous July Days 1-4

So… this week.

This week is the first week of Glamorous July.

1st July – Favourite Feature

I think as women we sometimes find it difficult to be kind to ourselves. We’re bombarded with images telling us to look a certain way, dress a certain and to not be proud of how we look if we aren’t skinny and blonde.
So I had to think about this one. I finally decided on my eyes. Yes, a bit of cop out. I suspect most people will say their eyes are their best feature (who has eyes that aren’t pretty, after all?). But I think my eyes are a nice colour – hazel, with a lighter outline. And I like my eyelashes: my wife calls them my “angel wings”.

2nd July – Look Up

I’ve often wondered that, in the future, are there going to be a lot of muscle and spinal problems because it seems everyone is constantly hunched over their phones. So I do make an effort to look up quite often. I suppose it helps that I live in a beautiful city, with beautiful buildings and countryside on my doorstep. I love the colour of the sky before it rains. And rain it did on Saturday. It looked like there was a second river running through Newcastle at some points! So, while looking for my umbrella I hid under the canopy in front of the Royal Station Hotel and I looked up.
I also “looked up” this tip by Miss Victory Violet about wearing a dress as a skirt and tried it with a beautiful British Retro dress that fit at the waist but would zip up over my boobs (terrible problem I know! The strange thing is that I have the exact same style of dress, same size, in a different fabric and it’s too big). I think it turned out pretty well.
Similar dress by British Retro here
Top by H&M

3rd July – Compliment a Stranger

I don’t really like talking to people on a good day. And Sunday (afternoon) wasn’t a good day for me – the morning, however was delightful. The Mrs & I had a lovely brunch, watched some Will & Grace and generally just had a lovely time. But back to the afternoon: the pollen count was high, so I was sneezy and snotty; choir hadn’t gone too well (for many reasons); and I was unduly annoyed by two young upstarts (in reality they were about 22, but they were talking about inventory and throwing around big numbers) in Starbucks. Starbucks! Who has a business meeting in Starbucks on a Sunday. It was something about building computers. Anyway. I didn’t feel like talking to people.
I therefore, decided to go with the other spelling/meaning of complement. I gave my metro day ticket away to a stranger so they would have a complimentary ride.

4th July – Old/New

I really do need to clear out my wardrobe: I have so many things I don’t wear or could wear in a different way. However, it was never going to be today – Monday inset day. Inset days are the sweetest of days: late starts, early finishes and no kids! Hurrah! Therefore, I took the opportunity to wear these cute little shoes. I found them again quite recently after them being in a box for around 4 years.

They’re this style, but obviously not the same.

My life sometimes gets more exciting than this….

Miss Bea x

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