Glamorous July Days 5 – 11

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. I’ve been keeping up to date(ish) with the Glamorous July project.

Day 5 – Yoga

Confession. I’ve never done yoga before in my life. It’s always looked appealing and I like the idea of relaxation, but I’ve just never got round to doing it. Other people do seem to swear by it, so I gave it a go.
It was hard! I’m not really that flexible so I couldn’t do a lot. And it’s the worst photo of me ever taken. I might try to do it again in the future: perhaps over the summer holidays, when I have more time.

Day 6 – Someone inspirational

Day 6 was easy. I knew who inspires me on a daily basis.
My beautiful wife girlbutcher is my inspiration.
This is going to be cheesy, but this beautiful lady inspires me everyday. She built her own business up, starting at the age of 25 after changing careers. She has this unlimited capacity for love and no matter what will always find times for her friends. She makes me smile everyday, makes me brave and makes me happy.

Day 7 – New Hair

I don’t normally do things with my hair as I’m too lazy and in the mornings normally prefer an extra 10 minutes in bed rather than looking presentable. But I made an effort! It was only something small – I put some rolls in, and pinned the sides back with some flowers.
And then I added a crown. As you do.
I didn’t wear it all day – that would just be ridiculous. And I certainly haven’t taught a lesson wearing a tiara before… that was a lie.

Day 8 – Be Positive

Being positive comes quite naturally to me. I hope I’m a positive person and I always try to see the silver lining in all situations. I was thinking about how lucky I am to have the opportunity to do something I love, and earn some money from it. I get to sing some of the best choral music written, in a beautiful setting, with wonderful singers and they pay me to do it!
Friday was the second last day of term, and had some great music. The Holst is particularly beautiful.
Over the weekend I got a bit sidetracked. I went to see the AbFab movie which I really enjoyed. We went to the Tyneside Cinema, which is a gorgeous converted theatre. It’s down this little alley, which has been really cutely decorated with fairy lights and little cafe tables.
And obviously as we were going to see Patsy and Eddy, we had to start the afternoon in style with some Bollinger.
It was fabulous darling, sweetie darling!

Day 9 – Donate Something

My friend Becky ran the Race for Life on Sunday as part of her training for the Great North Run. She’s running for the Children’s Heart Unit Fund at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital.
(You can donate to her here)

Day 10 – Wear a Hat

I like hats. I tried some on and think I found my hat for holidays 🙂

Day 11 – Read a Book

I’m currently reading Revolt on the Right, which is about the rise of the far right in Britain. It tracks the rise of UKIP through the demise of the BNP and through other splinter groups like the EDL and Britain First. It sets out to explain why a group that started out as a single issue pressure group about the EU became the third largest party in the UK.
It’s also an ebook, which is a plus, as it means I don’t have to look at Nigel Farage’s stupid face.
On a side note, bins in Newcastle are politely passive aggressive.
Miss Bea x

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