Glamorous July Days 12-17

Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this, hasn’t it? It’s been a very busy few weeks, with school and getting sorted for summer.

Anyway! Glamorous July has been happening, just ticking away in the background.

Day 12

Day 12’s challenge was to write a review. I have to admit that while I rely on reviews on loads of different websites to decide on what to buy on amazon and where to eat, I am very bad at leaving them. This challenge gave me a chance to right that wrong.

I’d been to Zapatista Burrito Bar in Newcastle a few (ok… 4) times in the last month or so. They make amazing burritos with great fillings, and even better they do sangria!


It’s such a cool place, quite relaxed with really cool art work on the walls: downstairs they have their own take on characters from the Marvel and DC universes. If you’re in Newcastle they’re definitely worth a visit.

Zapatista, Grainger Street, Newcastle.


Day 13

Have a bubble bath. I’m not a bath person, in fact, I don’t think I’ve had one in about 3 years (I have showered, before you make that joke). I do, however, enjoy pampering myself. Therefore, I decided to paint my nails.


I decided on “Rouge Noir” from Chanel, because a girl deserves a treat once in a while.


Day 14

Using the good china isn’t something I tend to do – as I don’t have any. When we got married we got a lot of vouchers for department stores and had great plans to buy some fancy china, but we just haven’t got round to it yet.

Day 14 was also gin tasting day, which was fun. In the spirit of using the good china I decided to go to the place in Newcastle with the coolest glasses (and best selection of gin): Decantus.


This was Sikkim Gin. It was delicious.


Day 15

Smile! IMG_20160715_182238I smiled at some strangers. They thought I was a loon.


Day 16

The challenge today was to Sparkle. I may have taken this a bit far…


It was pride! A glitter rainbow is practically mandatory.


Day 17

Something new. Usually Sunday is a day a sit in my pjs (unless singing) and do nothing. However, this Sunday we went to visit the in-laws in Cambo. There’s a little church literally at the bottom of their garden which I’ve never been in, so we took the opportunity to have a nose around. It was so cute and little!


I really like the little flowers made by the local primary school.


Days 18+ coming soon!


Miss Bea x

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