Outfit of the Day 20/7

It’s been warm, hasn’t it?

Even in Newcastle, it’s been up to 28C! The geordies don’t know what to do – they’re famous for taking their shirts off at the first hint of sunshine and now with this weather there isn’t much left for them to take off.

It’s a good chance to give my Mia skirt by Collectif a test run though! I wore it once on holiday in Dublin, but this is the first real chance to wear it for a normal day.


I really like how swishy the skirt is! It’s nice and cool despite there being lots of fabric.


And it has pockets! POCKETS! It’s the holy grail when it comes to women’s clothing.

The only thing I’d improve is the belt – it’s fabric but I’d like something a bit more structured as I think it’d make the join between skirt and top tidier, but that’s an easy fix.


Outfit details:
Skirt: Mia Gingham by Collectif Clothing

Top: H&M

Shoes: Debenhams

Miss Bea x

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