A long overdue post

I’ve realised it’s been 3 months since I’ve updated my blog.

What have I been up to in that time I (don’t) hear you ask? Well, one or two things.


I went to Malta

It was only for a few days at the very end of the summer holidays, but it was amazing. If you are ever thinking of going, I’d totally recommend it. For such a small country, there is so much to do!

We stayed in the Palazzo Consiglia hotel, which was absolutely beautiful. The staff were so friendly and helpful, rooms were beautiful and the rooftop pool a lovely touch.

The Romantica Room, where we stayed (official photo from website).

The city of Valletta is stunning. We had a wander around when we arrived on the first night.


We had dinner at a restaurant overlooking the bay across to Three Cities, and had dessert while watching fireworks. It was perfect.


The next day, we went to look around the city: Valletta has a lot of churches! collage We went to several, but my favourite was St John’s Co-Cathedral. When you walk in, you are just overwhelmed by the ornate detail everywhere. Some may say it’s crass, but I love a bit of bling in a cathedral!

If you’re ever in Malta I recommend a trip to the Blue Lagoon. Yes, it’s very touristy, but it is so beautiful. We went on a cruise with Captain Morgan Cruises (the one with free booze) and had a lovely time. I think if you go into the cruise realising that it’s a bit of fun on a boat, you get to see some the most popular tourist spots and you have a swim in the sea, you won’t be disappointed. If you think you’re going to get enough time to explore each island… well, this isn’t for you. We knew what we’d signed up for and as our trip was so short, the seeing little bits of each island seemed perfect for us.

We met some lovely Australian people, and I stole one of their hats.




Valletta – We’ll be back!


Other things…

I wrote a new curriculum for Year 12.

Yes. My life really is that exciting! Bach Chorales! Le Nozze di Figaro! More Bach!

What more could a girl want?

Booked a trip to Iceland.

Coming soon, April 2017. Another trip to another Blue Lagoon.

Went backstage on a TV programme.

The other half was on Sunday Brunch. I sat in the Green Room, drank coffee, chatted to Stacey Solomon and Ross Noble and watched proudly as Charl was on live TV talking about alternative meat cuts.


Bought new clothes.

Oh so many new clothes!

Started keeping a bullet journal.


Hopefully I’ll update this more often now!

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