Friday Five #2

It’s actually happening on a Friday (though I am writing this in advance). It’s that time you’ve all been waiting for.

How will I know what Miss Bea thinks of various trivial matters, I (don’t) hear you cry: well fret no more!


1. What is your favourite food to eat prepared by someone else (parent, spouse, friend, etc.)?

My wife is an excellent cook: I’m very lucky. She’s also a butcher, so we always have excellent cuts of meat when we want them (follow her instagram here). She makes an excellent “lets combine random ingredients in the cupboard” with a side of rice.

2. How many times a day do you typically eat?

Erm… breakfast, lunch, dinner? And a snack at breaktime in school during the week.

3. How often do you cook for yourself?

Quite frequently actually! Between us we cook most nights. Our favourite recipes at the moment are Thai Red Curry, Risotto, Mexican Style Wraps and basically anything involving spinach.


We made a version of kedgeree with chicken instead of fish a while ago, and that was delicious.

4. I wish I ate more:______________________

Vegetables. Apparently, you’re supposed to eat 10 pieces of fruit and veg a day now? I don’t know when people eat anything else if they eat all 10!

5. If I want a “real breakfast,” I:_______________________

Either make eggs benedict (including home made hollandaise sauce), or go out for brunch.


What are your food opinions?

Miss Bea x



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