List 1

List Your Goals and Dreams for this Year


This is quite similar to the question posed in the Friday Five I posted the other day. However, it is a chance to go more in-depth and possibly hold myself more accountable to the goals I’m setting myself!

Travel more

Well, we’ve started this one already. I’m off to Belfast next weekend to see family, but I’m not sure if it really counts? Does it count if you’re going to somewhere you used to live? We’ve also managed to find bargain flights to Majorica in April, so we’re going away with some friends for 4 days for some sun, sea and sightseeing. We do have plans for travelling further afield in a few years time, but at the moment there’s just so much of Europe I haven’t seen yet, and most of it is within a 4-hour flight! I want to get somewhere booked for October half-term, so suggestions are welcome!


Explore More

I suppose this links in nicely with the goal above, but I want to see more of the North East. It’s a stunning part of the world, but I take it for granted. I seem to spend most of my weekends in my pjs, wrapped in a blanket and watching murder mysteries. And while that is a fine way to live, I really should get outside and into the fresh air more. Last year I went to Gibside, Tynemouth Priory, Belsay Castle and Wallington Hall for the first time, and also saw the legendary Chillingham Cattle. This year, I want to explore more castles, go to different restaurants, and explore more of the brilliant things Newcastle has to offer!



Finish photography course

My lovely in-laws got me an online photography course for Christmas. I like taking photos, but they’ve always just been snapshots: I don’t really know how to play with the settings and composition of a shot to get a really nice picture. But now, I’m actually learning. I think it’ll be a while before I manage to take some really nice pictures, but I’ll keep trying, and hopefully, I’ll get some semi-decent ones at some point this year.



Grade 1 bassoon

Well, obviously there has to be a music one! The bassoon is such a cool instrument. I may be the first person ever to say that, but I really think it is. Hardly anyone plays it. I’ve spent most of my life playing the cello and singing, but I’ve never played a woodwind instrument. That changes this year. I’m very lucky: with being a music teacher, I have access to lots of different instruments (or people who can loan me them), and amazing teachers who can help me along the way! I got a new music stand and stand light for Christmas (thanks, Dad) and I’m lucky to have a music room in my house. This will happen.


Pay off credit card

It’s dull and boring, but necessary. I will pay it off. And then use the money I was spending to pay it off to buy pretty dresses. Everyone wins.


What are your goals for 2018?


Miss Bea x




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