List 2

List your Favourite Characters from Books, Movies, etc.


This one is quite difficult for me. I don’t really watch movies, and (I feel guilty about this) I haven’t read a book properly in ages. So, most of these will come from television, favourite children’s books and films I watched a long time ago.



Hermione Granger – I suppose this one is pretty obvious. The female member of the trio in Harry Potter, she’s clever and driven and stands up for those who can’t. She refuses to accept the status quo, like when she sets up SPEW to protest against the treatment of house elves, or how she was a driving force behind Dumbledore’s Army. I love how she values education, being the only one going back to Hogwarts to complete her education after the Battle of Hogwarts, how she always goes above and beyond to help her friends and that she is ambitious, organised and forward thinking. I mean, how many times would Harry and Ron have died if she hadn’t have been there and looking out for them?  I’m very much looking forward to her tenure as Minister of Magic from 2019.



Phryne Fisher – Phryne is probably less well known than Hermione. She’s the protagonist of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, a TV series based on the books by Karen Greenwood. Phryne is fiercely independent, in charge of her own sexuality, clever and likes to live life to the full. In an era when it was expected that women would marry, have children and settle down, she does none of those things. She looks after those around her in need, is unfailingly generous and is amazingly fashionable. It does make Melbourne in the 1920s look very glamorous, exciting and full of possibility.



Jane Eyre – A proto-feminist, clever, witty and with a drive to succeed, Jane Eyre has had her fair share of hardships. She’s a loyal friend, kind-hearted and not afraid to stand up for herself. While she is very much of her time, I admire her sense of justice and fairness, the respect she has for herself, and the kindness she shows to others.


Favourite characters, but ones I wouldn’t necessarily want to be like, or even be friends with include Patsy and Edina from Absolutely Fabulous, Paris Geller from The Gilmore Girls, Moss from The IT Crowd and Queen Elizabeth I from Blackadder.


Who are your favourite characters?


Miss Bea x


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