List 3

List the Happiest moments of your life so far.


I suppose some of these are going to be pretty cliche, but certain moments being the happiest are cliche for a reason.


1. Our wedding

I married the most amazing person two years ago. We basically decided that our wedding was going to just be made up of things we cared about, which for us is food, family and friends and good music. We got married in the Northern Counties Club, who also provided food (although Charl, being a butcher, did supply the meat), we had 60 of our favourite people in the same place, and we danced all night to The Jive Swings.

Best Wedding Ever.




2. When we bought our first house.

Buying our house was an ordeal. We viewed it on the 1st April, and put an offer in the same day. There was no chain (no one lived there), and we were in a rented property and just had to give a month’s notice to move. Easy, right?


It seemed like everything that could go wrong did. My credit rating was messed up (through no fault of my own – some blip on the system that took ages to get sorted). There were issues with a building survey, the seller’s solicitors were slow, paperwork went missing.

But we finally moved in on the 2nd August. We didn’t have curtains for the first few days, or a kitchen table. The boiler was flooded and we didn’t have hot water for a week. But it was ours and we love it. Though I will be grateful if I never have to have a cold shower again.

(The boiler works now, btw.)




3. Passing my driving test

I came late to driving. Most of my friends learnt at 17, but I was “too busy”. I mean, I probably could have fit it in, but I was taking lessons on 3 instruments and the extra-curricular activities that come with that, doing 4 A levels and working a part-time job. I started learning to drive when I was 22, when taking the bus for an hour to work was becoming a bit much on top of a full day teaching. I failed the first time, but the second time… I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t drive as well as I knew I could, made a few minor mistakes, but I’d passed.

4. Holidays

Who doesn’t love being on holiday? We’ve been to some amazing places in the last few years. Our honeymoon was to Gleneagles. We had three days of snowy walks, amazing food and pure decadence. There’s something very relaxing about a five-star hotel, and dinner at a 2 Michelin Star restaurant, and a fire in your room and snow outside. But what that is will remain a mystery…


Charl and I went to Dublin with one of our best friends, Vincent. We got the flights for £30 each and somehow managed to visit during the nicest weekend Ireland had had in some time. That trip spawned many hilarious moments, such as Vincent having to take off shirt stays to get through security at the airport (“It’s like taking an Edwardian on holiday”). Seriously, these things were attached from the bottom of his shirt to the top of his socks. Dublin is also where we came up with the describing game in which you describe a person in 2 words, one based on appearance and one on personality: I was “pearls and right”, Vincent was “dramatic and overdressed” and Charl was “big haired and sarcastic”. All apt. All hilarious.



Malta was amazing. Sunny, beautiful and good food. My favourite moment was being in a rooftop pool, overlooking the harbour watching fireworks going off in the distance.



Iceland was another amazing place. It was cold, it was beautiful, it was like another world.


5. The last day of school every year

Perhaps this one is very teacher specific. I love teaching, I love being in the classroom, but I really love the summer holidays. I love the endless potential of 6 weeks lying ahead of me. I love being able to sleep in, being able to see friends, being able to read, explore new interests or simply wander around town and get coffee with friends. I love not being constantly tired and feeling refreshed.


What are the happiest moments of your life?


Miss Bea x

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