List 6

List the ways you love to have fun


My version of having fun might seem a bit boring to a lot of people. We like sitting in, cooking and watching reruns of Friends. But there are a few other things I like to do as well!

I sing! I sing in quite a few choirs, Newcastle Cathedral Schola Cantorum, the Cathedral main choir and Durham-based Northern Spirit Singers. Here we are below, singing in the finals of the Choir of the Year competition in 2014.



I also like to bake – in the last few weeks I’ve made a few different things, mainly cupcakes, but I did try a rainbow cake. They aren’t the prettiest, but I have a nice time making them. And eating them.


I also like to compose. I’m working on a few choral pieces at the moment, but they aren’t finished yet. Maybe I’ll be brave and share them when they’re done. If they get done.

I like to look round vintage fairs and try on hats. Today I even bought one! It was the bargain of the century and only cost a fiver.



I also love reading, taking photographs and learning new things. Sometimes I explore castles and stately homes, and often we have friends over and get drunk on different kinds of gin.

But mostly, I love spending time with my wife.


How do you like to have fun?

Miss Bea x

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