List 7

List all the people who brighten your day

I usually write these lists on a Saturday morning and schedule them for a Monday evening. But this Saturday morning I was soundly asleep in bed, fighting off the remains of a migraine I’d had since Wednesday (and had been a tension headache for a good week beforehand). At the moment, I’m still feeling poorly with a cough that is keeping my poor wife awake at night, so writing this post is definitely going to help.

Lots of people brighten my day. Sure, sometimes I have a rough day and it can be hard to appreciate the wonderful people who surround me, but I do try and keep a gratitude diary and take a few minutes out each day to think about the things and people I’m grateful for.

So here goes, a list of people who brighten my day, some with explanations, some without, but all wonderful.

1. Charl – Well, how could she not be here?

2. Vincent, aka Boyflorist – Overdressed and dramatic, one of my favourite people in the world.



3 & 4. Chris and Becky – coupled together because, well, they are a couple.

5 & 6. Thos and Michelle – wonderful work colleagues. Silly songs and dramatic entrances, what more could a girl want?

7. Rachel, my sister

8. My parents

9. The rest of the “Irish Contingent”

10. My in-laws

11. My year 8s – This one might be very teacher specific. You know how there’s that one class you dread? Perhaps their behaviour isn’t perfect, or they’re too noisy or there might be a kid who really doesn’t like you for some reason? This class is the complete opposite. I always have them on busy days, but they’re always a joy. They’re kind, considerate, they help each other out, they ask amazing questions and want to learn. They push themselves, they work as a team, they create amazing music and they make me smile.

12. Northern Spirit Singers – Did you know there’s a push at the moment to get singing in a choir available on the NHS? There’s tons of research out there showing that singing in a choir is good for a sense of community, and have a positive effect on mental health. Some studies even show that singing in a choir could improve symptoms of Parkinsons, depression and lung cancer. These guys definitely bring a smile to my face. We sing some amazing music (some of which I choose and conduct), we sing in beautiful venues and I’ve made some amazing friends. I’d highly recommend joining a choir!


Who brightens up your day?

Miss Bea x

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